Unleash your mobile marketing power with push notifications

According to wearesocial’s “Digital in 2017” study, global unique mobile users reached to 4,9 billion which makes 66% of total world population. What’s more interesting is that mobile phones surpassed laptops and desktops in the share of web traffic for the first time. Stunning year on year growth of 30% highlighted one important fact again: […]

Eight digital channels to increase engagement with your customers

The digital age reshaped the way we reached our target audiences. More importantly, the way they reached us. Now, especially the consumers have almost the full control of communication context and timing to fulfill their demands from the brands. The number of channels business use to satisfy these needs increase accordingly. We gathered the essential […]

3 Crucial Stages of Implementing an Omnichannel Strategy

Every brand has almost the same sole target to survive in the modern business world: Running a profitable business while satisfying customers with high-quality products and services. As the simple purpose of running a successful business stays the same, the strategies and methods to implement it keep changing rapidly with the technological enhancements. Web revolutionized […]

9 Reasons why marketing automation is so critical for your business

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, automation has been an essential building block of productivity for businesses. Automation has been leading the way to efficiency & profitability in countless different industries for many years. Today, it still continues to help brands to reduce to the costs of repetitive and time consuming processes while enabling […]

6 ways omnichannel marketing strategy adds value to your business

Creating a seamless customer experience across your channels has the potential beyond your imagination. In the first place you had the almighty multi-channel strategy to reach your customers. Without any synchronization, businesses tracked the interactions separately missing the chance to reflect a unified brand image. The valuable data derived from customer experiences went unprocessed leaving you […]

Use chatbots to increase engagement with your customers

3 billion people use instant messaging platforms. As a brand, do you communicate with them? Have not heard about them yet? 2016 is the year for our old friends, the bots – but we faced their new forms created for popular messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, WeChat and Slack. Most likely you will be […]

Real Case: A single platform increasing the communication efficiency of a bank with over 1400 branches

If you are trying to deliver a consistent message to a vast audience from many different prospects, reaching maximum effectiveness across your channels may not be as easy as it seems. Banking industry is one of the business areas where efficiency of personalized communication with the customers is extremely critical. Channels used for mass interactions should […]