Social Media

Benefit from well planned, consistent and timely monitoring to use social media as a growth medium

In the age of digital marketing, social media is one of the most crucial channels brands interact with their audience. Keeping the growth speed of this customer interaction platform in mind, it is essential for businesses to track and analyze closely the actions happening around their brand, product, and services. SmartMessage empowers you with powerful listening skill so that you can get the most profitable results from social media conversions.

Combining web analytics and NLP technologies, SmartMessage enables brands to keep track of social media actively and outlines a unified view of omnichannel customer experiences. SmartMessage’s listening capability area goes beyond the popular social networks. It also includes blogs, news feeds, and comments from rich media sites. Providing fast results through real-time behavior analyses,  SmartMessage is a productive platform for observing customers’ social media interactions with your brand.

Monitor social media effectively to create the most satisfying experiences for your customers

With features such as real-time tracking and analysis, competitor analysis, content classification, sentiment analysis, classified items statistics, automatic replies to social media postings, tag cloud view and useful reporting interface SmartMessage is a comprehensive but easy-to-use tool for your social media monitoring success.

SmartMessage social media listening will provide you many efficient areas of use including in depth VOC analysis, strategic decision making, customer relations management, public relations and marketing campaigns execution, proactive issue solving and crisis management, perception and image improvement. You will be able to conduct all of these crucial social media listening activities in one unified platform easily and effectively.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Benefits of Social Media Listening for Your Business

  • Social behaviour analysis of your followers, efficient segmentation
  • Market information: Identification of trends, influencers, niches, opportunites, risks.
  • Authority building
  • Collection of insights for improving customer satisfaction
  • Competition analysis
  • Product and service improvement
  • Better recruitment
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Content creation & curation insight
  • Sales and lead generation opportunities

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