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Convert customer interactions into lead opportunities across all your  channels.


Let your customers decide when, how and in what context they prefer to be touched


Optimize your nurturing activities with the power of marketing automation.


Prevent fraudulent activities with customized communication solutions.


Gather informative and actionable marketing data from your audience insights


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Mehmet Ali ÖZDOĞAN

Digital Banking Manager

“Working with ODC and deploying SmartMessage Marketing Platform in our systems had a tremendously positive effect on the efficiency of our digital channel activities. Using a high performing and centralized platform like SmartMessage Marketing Platform eases the management of omnichannel messaging while unifying the customer experience perfectly. One critical ODC product SmartMessage Secure, on the other hand, assists us in keeping our clients’ online banking activities secure. This robust RegTech product avoids us facing penalties due to mandatory security regulations. SmartMessage Secure is the ideal tool for both increasing the safety of our customers’ banking experiences and reaching our compliance targets.”


Information Technology and R&D Director

“Our long-lasting, stable business relationship with ODC improved our channel marketing efficiency sharply and helped us in delivering better customer experiences. SmartMessage Marketing Platform is a great tool for simplifying channel and campaign management and reaching beneficial results via omnichannel practices. Centralized and integrated, SmartMessage Marketing Platform unifies the customer journey with robustness and high performance. We strongly recommend professionalism of ODC and sustainability SmartMessage Marketing Platform for the enterprises that look for a reliable and effective solution in the market.”

Bengü Sanem KİLKESER

CRM Manager

“We decided to retire the messaging system that we had as a third party tool and replacing it with the best system in the field that we could find. Following this decision we chose ODC’s messaging platform SmartMessage. This suite integrated into our system, controlling the entirety of our electronic messaging traffic. Over the last two years, we have integrated nearly all of the ODC products into our system. If you also want to manage all of your messaging needs from a single location, ODC’s messaging platform, SmartMessage, is the solution for you. In addition to their products’ functionality, the ODC team’s supportive attitude can help you achieve excellent results very quickly.”


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