Industry: Omni-channel Marketing Software

Number of Employees: 80+

Number of Customers: 2000+

Number of Offices: 6 (4 TR, 1 UAE, 1 US)

Awards: Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2015, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey Winner, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA Winner, Microsoft Special Solutions Development Partner of the Year 2014, Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2012

One Line Pitch: Smart Message is an all-in-one omni-channel platform to orchestrate your digital marketing activities to create an integrated consumer journey.

The Business:

Established in 2005, ODC is headquartered in Istanbul with offices in UAE and US. Over the past decade, ODC has experienced consistent and increasing growth in revenue. ODC has received several awards and been acknowledged for its disruptive and innovative technologies. ODC is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and CSP (Cloud Solutions Partner).

The Problem:

The contemporary media landscape demands all businesses – digital or conventional – to deliver consistent and cross-media orchestrated brand communications in a well-designed consumer experience. With the proliferation of platforms and increasing impact of social media in the contemporary media landscape, it is getting more important and challenging for enterprises to respond to the fast changing brand communications and the corresponding transformation of digital consumer behavior. Typically, in this fast evolving mediascape, companies use limited touchpoints to disperse the same message to the consumer via different platforms. This redundant and ineffective brand communications hurt the consumer-brand engagement and thus the brand performance. That’s why we offer Smart Message.

The Offering:

SmartMessage Marketing Platform is an integrated marketing tool that provides the efficient and effective solutions to create relevant and consistent brand communication, measure behavior, and coordinate a seamless consumer journey across multiple touch points. SmartMessage Marketing Platform equips brands and digital brand managers with an all-in-one tool to reach their target audience via email, mobile, artificial intelligence platforms, IVN (text to speech), and social media. SmartMessage Marketing Platform can easily integrate with the existing infrastructures and run as a cloud-based, on-premise, or a hybrid system.


One of the underlying strengths of SmartMessage Marketing Platform is its ability to integrate with any CRM (already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, Cordiant, Unica, SAP and so on). Via the seamless integration, enterprises can utilize all the previous actions of their customers (number of e-mails/SMSs have been sent, clicked, or read etc). Leveraging this real-time data about consumers’ engagement empower the managers to better coordinate and if necessary adjust the brand communication strategies. They can plan the unfolding parts of the campaign and make the consumer data more meaningful. SmartMessage is an efficient, customizable, flexible, and integrated multichannel marketing communication tool. Currently, SmartMessage perceives artificial intelligence and the increasing influence of bots as crucial developments in the digital marketing landscape and heavily invests on relevant innovations in these domains.

What makes SmartMessage innovative is its holistic and integrative approach to digital marketing communications.

SmartMessage is effective in boosting engagement and enhancing brand performance as it allows the utilization of multiple marketing channels in a less redundant manner while using each to its strength at the right point of the consumer journey.


SmartMessage Marketing Platform provides a wide range of solutions to create and track a seamless and integrated consumer journey across platforms. SmartMessage Engage creates a consistent communication schedule to improve your brand’s engagement with your customers. The platform can send and receive high volumes of messages and communication content via multiple channels. Our clients can send millions of emails and/or SMS in seconds and easily collect detailed analytics and feedbacks. SmartMessage Connect allows interaction with the target audience to deliver more personalized messages and artificial intelligence platforms like the chatbot applications. SmartMessage Social is a social media listening and analysis platform that utilizes sentiment analysis and machine learning to unlock the lead generation potential of relevant social media conversations. SmartMessage Autoflow uses rule-based approaches to serve different segments in the most effective way. Autoflow solution furthers micro-targeting goals as it helps to access the right consumer at the right time via the right media channel and at the right moment of their consumer journey.

Target Market:

The digital landscape in US is very fragmented with companies that are specialized in certain platforms (like email, SMS, mobile and so on). The increasing pressure to use multiple channels for better targeting activities put constant strain and pressure on the available technologies of certain verticals as well as digital managers of brands to search for more holistic solutions that offer coordination and control over a wide range of communication formats and channels. This problem is prevalent and persistent for brands that manage their digital brand communications in house as well as for digital marketing agencies that manage several brand communications. In this highly vibrant mediascape, our go-to-market strategy for the US expansion is two folds: (1) brands, particularly frontiers of digital transformation, that manage their brand communications in house principally in industries like finance, telecommunication, insurance, and retail. (2) medium-size digital marketing agencies that offer certain digital marketing communication solutions to their clients. Given the dynamic and fast-growing digital technologies market, there is an opportunity for SmartMessage Marketing Platform to have a global impact.

Current Customers:

Strong penetration in Turkey in banking, (28 banking clients, e.g., Citibank, ING Bank, BBVA, UniCredit and similar), in insurance (MetLife, Allianz, NN Life, Sompo Japan, Aegon), and other sectors (Renault, Fiat, Hyundai, Burger King, Vodafone, Castrol etc).